Friday, 25 November 2011

Where to buy Aakash Tablet in Jammu and Kashmir

Where and how to buy Aakash 2 Tablet Ubilsate in Jammu and Kashmir
Aakash Tablet is now coming with the much improved version Aakash 2. Aakash 2 Tablet will shortly be available in Jammu and Kashmir. All India launch of Aakash 2 Tablet is slated at 2012. Aakash Tablet will be available to the students of Jammu and Kashmir at a subsidised rate of Rs 1100-1200. The students of Jammu and Kashmir can request for Aakash Tablet by writing an application to the school or college authorities. The Aakash Tablet to the students of schools and colleges will only be distributed through the school or college administration. Students can enquire about the availablity of Aakash Tablet at their schools and colleges and can fill in the Application form for booking Aakash Tablet.

Aakash Tablet Dealers and Service Centers in J&K
General Public of Jammu and Kashmir can also get Aakash Tablet for Rs 3000. Aakash Tablet will be available as Ubislate to the general public. You can now pre book your Aakash Tablet Ubislate at the official website Before the launch of Aakash 2 Tablet Ubislate in Jammu and Kashmir you can prebook and enter your address and phone number. Datawind will get in touch with you during the formal launch of Ubislate Aakash 2 Tablet.

After its launch in 2012 you can also buy and book Aakash 2 Tablet online at the website. Just watch out for the release of Aakash 2 Ubislate.

Datawind is planning to appoint service centers of Aakash 2 Tablet in Jammu Kashmir. Aakash 2 Tablet will have number of dealers in J&K in the cities like Jammu, Srinagar, Anant Nag, Udhampur, Leh Ladhakh, Kishtwar, Baramulla etc. People of J&K will get Aakash Tablet Ubislate soon. The tentative launch of Aakash 2 Tablet in India is February 2012.

Apart from Jammu region Kashmir Valley and Srinagar has huge young population who are eagerly waiting for the cheapest PC tablet in India and World $35 Aakash Tablet Ubislate.

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Facts about Kashmir

Facts about Kashmir Valley/People of Kashmir

Kashmir Valley is one of the most beautiful places not only in India but in the World. The natural beauty, mesmerising Chinar Trees, Deodars, captivating landscapes and snow clad mountains make Kashmir truly a heaven on Earth. The nature has given Kashmir amazing and serene valleys with lush green ambience. During summers from April to August you will see enchanting Green Kashmir, During September to November the entire valley turns red and yellow due to the change in colors of the Chinar Leaves. In winters you see completely a White Kashmir with snow covered Chinar and Deodar trees.

People of Kashmir are known for their hospitality. They give a very warm welcome to their guests and treat them as their family members.

During my visit to Kashmir in June 2011 I found that Kashmir and its people are no different than others. In fact I found them so honest, generous, kind and full of hospitality that my perception about Kashmir changed overnight. The politics of two countries never let Kashmir grow to the extent it deserved. The people of Kashmir want to live in peace. They want to live normal and peaceful life and want to enjoy the life with family and friends. Common man is not at all concerned about what the politics is going on for this beautiful piece of land.

The entire Kashmir valley was disturbed and remained closed for almost a year couple of years back due to infamous stone pelting issues. A handful of youth misguided by local politicians took to stone pelting and disturbed the entire valley. It is so surprising when I saw that all the roadside homes have their glasses of windows broken.

2011 have been a great year for Kashmir with negligible militant attacks. There has been a huge tourist rush to the valley in 2011. It is after so many decades that Kashmir witnessed millions of tourists in 2011. It is really delighting to see such a inflow of tourists in Kashmir.

The people in Kashmir are too very happy with this development and they are not paying heed to the strike or Bandh Calls by the separatists or any politician. The day I landed in Kashmir was a Bandh call given by one section of leaders but hardly there was any response to this call. The markets were open and the movement was so normal.

The Lal Chowk Kashmir and the surrounding areas which used to be the center for all agitations looked so beautiful without any protesters. It was just impossible and so dangerous to move around the valley couple of years back but things were so normal as if I was roaming in my home town. The army presence was negligible except for in and around airport. The army is no longer present in the cities or villages.

The businessmen are so happy about this positive development. The common man now can send their children to school without any fear and he can walk around with free mind.

The youth love to play hockey, Cricket, Volley Ball, Basket Ball and other games and you can see all the play grounds of the schools and colleges busy during evenings and can hear the voices of the youth enjoying in the playgrounds. That was truly amazing.

It is very unfortunate that such a misconception was being developed about Kashmir and about people of Kashmir. I would say people in this part of India are far educated, well behaved and honest as compared to many places.

The Taxi Drivers are very well behaved and will serve as a guide to you as well. Generally in many parts of the country of you have booked a Taxi for site seeing to a particular point the Taxi driver will not take you anywhere else and if you request him he will show tantrums and will ask for more money but in Kashmir wherever I went I found the Taxi drivers so friendly and eager to show you more places than you have asked him. In fact they will take you to the best locations other than the famous ones.

The shopkeepers will never try to make you fool and will tell you the genuine price of the items when you are shopping. You can trust them.

So next time if you are thinking to visit Kashmir just plan it and do not go by the reports we generally hear about Kashmir. The people are nice, the place is beautiful and the vacation will be awesome.