Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mansar Lake Jammu and Kashmir

How to Reach Mansar Lake

Mansar Lake is located in Jammu and Kashmir amidst lush green forests about 60 Kms from Jammu City. The highlighting point of Mansar lake is that it is the favourite spot for the newly wed couples for the reason that it is considered holy and sacred by the people. It is believed that three Parikramas of the lake leads to blessings from the Lord of Serpents, Sheshnag

Mansar lake has many ancient temples around its shore. People also enjoy boating in this lake which is around one and half Kilometers long. There is an ancient Ruined Palace near the lake. Another Palace, Mahor Garh is also located near Mansar. This is considered to be an ancient Palace and no one is aware who built this mysterious Mahor Garh palace and what was the purpose of this.

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism organizes every year a Food and Crafts Festival at Mansar during Baisakhi. Another festival that is organized in Mansar is CHHING. This is an old traditional wresling championship where people from nearby villages take part. Dogra Festival is also organized in the summers in Mansar lake.

From Jammu frequent bus service is available to Mansar. Shared taxis to Mansar are also available. J&K tourism accommodation is available in Mansar.

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