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Heli Skiing Gulmarg Srinagar Kashmir

Travel Information Gulmarg Kashmir – Hub for Winter Sports in Kashmir

Gulmarg is synonymous to White Kasmir during winters and is fully covered with enchanting and breathtaking pure white snow. It is because of this reason that Gulmarg has become one of the important destination for the tourists not only in summers but attracts even more visitors dering winters. Gulmarg is located at at an altitude of about 2,730 meters and is only about 55 km from the capital city of srinagar. The legendary beauty of Gulmarg is a treat to watch and its prime location which is quite near to Srinagar naturally has made it one of Asia's premier hill resorts. The Original name of Gulmarg was 'Gaurimarg' which was given by the shepherds. The beautiful city with picture perfect landscape was discovered in the 16th century by Sultan Yusuf   Shah, who was inspired by the sight of its grassy slopes emblazoned with wild flowers.

Later during the Mughal rule Gulamrg became one of the favourite resorts of Jahangir. However today, Gulmarg is visited for its amazing beauty and to enjoy Gulmarg Gondola and at the same time it has also become India’s premier ski resort in winter when it is covered in snow and takes on the appearance of a picture postcard.

Heli-Skiing in Gulmarg

For the first time in India in 1980s, Heli-skiing was introduced in Gulmarg. The Heli Skiing Project in Gulmarg took off in collaboration with the world renowned French skier, Sylvain Saudan of Himalaya Heli-Ski Club of France. At the start, the Heli Skiing programme in Gulmarg was started at Apharwat and later on other sites in the Kashmir Himalayas were also used for the purpose

The Skiing is so popular in this part now that people from all over the world come to Gulmarg especially to experience the excitement during winters. The Skiers and ski lovers in Gulmarg are taken to the top of mountain ridges by helicopters from where they ski down the immense Himalayan slopes.

After remaining closed for over a decade the Heli Skiing programme is now being revived again in Kashmir Valley and Gulmarg in collaboration with Sylvain Saudan's Himalaya Heli Ski Club.

The Winter Games Federation of India, during its annual general meeting declared Gulmarg as the winter sports capital India. Coming from the apex body that organises winter sports in the country, this is indeed a great honour for Gulmarg.

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