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Interview Praparing Tips

How to Prepare for Interview - Interview Questions
Are you preparing for the competitive exams? Are you looking for a Government Job and want to get some tips to prepare for the interview? This article will definitely help you to some extent. These are the actual interview questions that were asked during various interviews of different candidates.

My Encounters - Interview Questions
The article has been adapted from Career Launcher
My Encounters is an endeavour to keep you updated about the GD topics and interview questions that have figured in the MBA selection process in different institutes in the past few years. It is a compilation of the actual questions that have been put to the candidates from different background. We hope this would give you a good insight of what you are likely to experience on the D-day.
Read on to get to know what your seniors were asked in the interviews. (Source Career Launcher)
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IIM-A 2005 - Bcom, 2 years work experience, Arvind Singh Rajput
  1. Describe your self.
  2. Questions on social service, hobbies (cricket), commercialization of cricket were asked.
  3. The recent that you have read. (Biography of Indira Gandhi)
  4. Mention three bold decision taken by Indira Gandhi in her political career.
  5. Question on favourite subject accounts were asked .
  6. What is the difference between an economist's and a CA's interpretation of Fixed cost and Variable cost.
  7. What are quick assets and liabilities?
  8. Draw and explain break even point
  9. What is the positive impact of corruption and need for privatization
  10. Two most important things that will concern you if you were railway minister.
  11. If Indian railway was suffering from 10000 crore deficit and you had to increase the fare which fare will you increase freight or passenger?
  12. Who was the grandfather of Ashoka?
  13. Mention 5 use of eraser.
  14. Why did you leave your first job?
  15. Are you satisfied with your career?
  16. Do you want to ask anything from us?

Following questions were asked for the interview of IIM-A in 2004

Candidate's background B. Tech - Electrical
  1. What is distribution system?
  2. What is the principle behind an Induction motor?
  3. How will you differentiate between an AC and DC motor?
  4. What is power factor?
  5. What is the concept of Transformer?
  6. Final year of project and many cross questions related to it, where asked.
  7. How many functions have you organized during your engineering?
  8. How will you organize Hasya Kavi Sammelan?
  9. Differentiate between the style of Surendra Kumar and Shail Chaturvedi.

Candidate background B. Tech - Civil
  1. Questions on structure design.
  2. How is the load in a cantilever distributed?
  3. How will design of a beam?
  4. How is stress distributed in a structure?
  5. Why do you want to do MBA?
  6. Questions on work experience.

Candidate background BBS
  1. What is sampling principle?
  2. How will you draw a distribution curve?
  3. Questions on standard deviation.
  4. How will you explain variance?
  5. Do you really need to go for MBA as you have already graduated in Business?
  6. Questions on work experience.

Candidate background B. Tech - Chemical
  1. Which chemical is used in perfumes?
  2. Which chemical is used in shampoo products?
  3. Mention few applications of methane?
  4. Why do want to do MBA and in which stream?
  5. Which company do you wish to join after MBA?
  6. Questions on hobbies and extra curricular activities.
  7. How many calls do you have?

Candidate background BA - Economics
  1. What does success means to you?
  2. How will you define failure?
  3. What were you asked at your interview at other IIM's?
  4. Questions were asked on the basis of forms.

Following questions were asked at IIM-A prior to 2004


Nishant Mittal (B.Tech., Textile, IITD)
  1. Tell us about your childhood.
  2. What courses do you have in this semester?
  3. What Laplace transformation?
  4. Which other calls do you have?
  5. Questions on Sensex.
  6. Do you have a job? How long do you plan to work there?
  7. What are gabardines, Oxford wear, plain wear?
  8. What are G-7 countries? Can you name them.
  9. What is a Nuclear power? Can you name a few.
  10. Ringitt is the currency of which country?
  11. SE Asian crisis.
  12. Problems of Textile industry.
  13. Questions about Rajat Sood, my batchmate.
  14. Questions on Family.
  15. Where does US rank in population?

Sunil Gopalan (BE Elect and Commn., DCE)
  1. Any three questions we should ask you.
  2. A long discussion on Iridium.
  3. How do optical fibres work?
  4. What is the difference between data and voice transmission?
  5. What is GDP, fiscal deficit, excise duty, sales tax and octroi tax?
  6. Difference between mobile vs. land phones (PSTN).
  7. What should be done to improve the state of Internet in India?
  8. How will you increase penetration of computers in India?


Pramod Marar (BCom Hons.)
  1. What is regression and correlation?
  2. What is diamond-water thrift?
  3. What does my name and surname mean?
  4. What is the relation between P&L account, balance sheet?
  5. What are the sources and uses of funds?
  6. Names of some management gurus.
  7. What are deep interest bonds?
  8. What do you know about Sec 80, 88 of taxation?
  9. What is double/triple taxation bond?

Bankim Mitra (BCom Hons.)
  1. Mention all the subjects of your graduation.
  2. What is the difference between diminishing and decreasing returns?
  3. Should doctors be governed by an ethical code of conduct?
  4. What developments have occurred in Kosovo during the past 24 hours?
  5. How will you prepare a fund flow statement?

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